Find a Psychometric Test Login offers a four-part report of performance after a candidate has completed a test, each part providing a different type and amount of information. The report is preceded by a recollection of the aims and description of the test under the heading “Intro”.

Intro: This tab contains the same information (About Test and Brief Description) as that shown before you take/buy a test. Intro helps you recall what the test is actually about and what attributes or skills it purports to test.

1. Summary: This part of the report gives a bird’ eye view of the candidate’s personality as measured by the test. Touching upon each trait evaluated by the test, the summary is an outline of the results obtained by the candidate.

2. Graphs: Graphs make things easier to understand. At the same time, they put things into perspective. The graphs made available as part of the report include a Simple Bar Graph depicting the scores obtained on the traits measured by the test, and a Horizontal Bar Graph depicting the aggregate score and percentile score obtained by the candidate. A table showing the traits measured and the corresponding scores obtained by the candidate is also included in this part.

3. Result Details: This part of the report gives an in-depth analysis of the candidate’s performance on each trait measured by the test. Specifically, it provides the percentage scores secured by the candidate for each trait individually, the aggregate of those scores and an explanation of what the scores mean in terms of behavior that the candidate exhibits/can be anticipated to exhibit.

4. Strengths and Limitations In this part, both the candidate’s assets and weaknesses are highlighted. The assets or the strengths are areas that are likely to have a positive import to the organization. By contrast, limitations are those aspects of the candidate’s personality which are underdeveloped and need to be developed through training and development, or those personal shortcomings that may prevent the individual from being productive or successful.

Each part of the report has its own use and significance. While the Summary is offered free of charge for every test taken, you need to subscribe to the Premium Account so that the other three parts are also generated for you.