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A hiring decision gone wrong is no reason to lose sleep over. What is, is the fact that a “bad” hire can cost you anything between $25,000 and $50,000.

A “bad”, or rather a wrong hire, is not necessarily a bad professional or a bad employee. More often than not, he is just a misfit for the job. Traditional tools for vetting job candidates, including resumes and interviews, fail to shine sufficient light on a candidate’s personality, which is where the problem lies. Clearly, you need a better way to identify and select better employees.

Psychometric tests are one reliable method with which to select better employees. A psychometric test is a tool designed to measure cognitive, behavioral and personality traits of an individual. When administered to a prospective employee, a psychometric test helps assess the candidate’s suitability for the job beyond qualification and experience.

Here’s an example of how: Suppose that you want to hire someone for a public relations position. You advertise the job and get 10 resumes in response. Now, what the resumes tell you about the candidates is what they have done so far educationally and professionally. What they don’t tell you is if the candidates have a good organizing ability, if they are capable of making sound decisions, if they are detail-oriented, if their communication skills are good, if they are sociable, if they are tough-minded, and if they can be ingenious – attributes that a public relations professional must have to be able to do justice to the job.

This gap between what a resume, or for that matter an interview, can reveal and what it cannot is what results in poor hiring decisions. Thankfully, this gap is easily filled by psychometric tests. They give you an insight into those subtle aspects of a candidate’s personality that make all the difference between a star performer and a foot dragger. Little wonder that up to 75% of medium to large sized organisations have already turned to psychometric testing to select better employees, and many others are seriously contemplating to start using them soon.

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